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Prodigal Jesus: Discover Your Destiny
(Luke 10 - 15)

Have you ever felt God was distant? Hard to get to know? Everybody talks about ”knowing God,” but what does that mean? Are you feeling left out while your friends talk about a relationship with God that you are missing? In Prodigal Jesus, Luke reveals the path to understanding God in tangible ways. You can know God and Jesus shows us how.

Practical steps back to the heart of the Father

  • Live with the awareness of God’s activity in your life
  • Walk with Jesus 40 days in this devotional with Christ as your guide
  • Gain spiritual insights as you study Luke’s Gospel in bite-sized chunks
  • Talk with God using short, guided prayers
  • Grow deeper each day with these 15-minute devotions

Luke reveals the depths of Christ’s life as his teaching ministry shows us the path back to the Father. These remarkable portraits paint the purpose of Jesus’ ministry even as he leads men and women to the heart of Father God.y

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