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Christmas Jesus: Five Gifts God Gives Us To Welcome the King

Short Book birth narratives in the Gospel of Luke

Christmas Jesus will stir your heart and ignite your faith. It gathers spiritual life and feeds the Gospel of Luke to you in daily devotions that are funny yet probing–tough yet laced with grace. This treasure draws its life from Luke’s gospel, which is written uniquely for you. Doctor Luke is a Gentile like you, and he hands the life of Christ to you by sound research and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Luke obviously interviewed Mary extensively to give us this intimate rendering of King Jesus’ birth.

  • Are you tired of a boring life? Luke will light your fire.
  • Are you weary of the religious, political and emotional battles of our time? Jesus is not religious, political, or divisive. He is real, and He is here for you.
  • Do theological, denominational, and divisive arguments frustrate you? Jesus came to bring peace on Earth and goodwill toward men. Why have we settled for less?

Christmas Jesus guides you out of the minefield of opinions, instead it inspires real-life – exciting life – abundant life in your soul. Far from the musty books of theology and raging arguments of denominations this book goes straight to the life of Christ. That’s what real Christianity is about!

Christmas Jesus is a daily tool that will help you connect with the real Jesus each day. Energy, vitality and passion will emerge in your heart as you read a portion of Luke discovering its power to revolutionize your life. This book gives you an inspiring, practical action plan for discovering Jesus in the details of life. In this easy-to-follow guide, Dave walks with you through the simple steps to creating a Jesus-like Christian walk.

This book will fill your Christmas with joy and trustworthy truth. God has seven gifts for you this year that will prepare you for the birth of His Son. Glow in spiritual glory this Christmas as Jesus is born anew in your heart. Let this be your Happy Birthday Jesus book!

Review by Ralph Moore, author and church planter
“Christmas Jesus is a warm and enlightening look at scripture. It calls the reader to ask life’s most basic questions about his own purpose in light of eternity. This is a great tool for disciple-making. I’m hoping that it launches a series.”

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