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Extraordinary Jesus: Ignite Your Season of Miracle (Luke 5-9)

Extraordinary Jesus – Amazing Adventure

Ignite your season of miracles with this 40-day devotional Bible-study in the Gospel of Luke

Do you hunger to know the real Jesus? Are you ready to meet Jesus without all the theological and religious doctrinal disputes? If you answered “yes” then Extraordinary Jesus for you. This guidebook takes readers by the hand traveling the roads of Israel with Christ. This devotional is spiritual protein to help believers grow powerful in their faith and fulfill their destiny.

Do you long to be a stronger Christian?

Continue your growth by consuming portions of the Gospel of Luke:

  • Track the healings, miracles, and teachings of Christ.
  • Unlock the Gospel of Luke with explanations and stories that help you relate to Jesus.
  • Empower your faith with the brief prayer at the end of each devotion.
  • Grow deeper every day with these fifteen-minute devotions.

Luke illustrates the height of Christ’s miracle-working period as the Lord heals the sick, raises the dead, and delivers the oppressed. These remarkable displays of God’s power will boost your faith and ignite your heart with passion.

Extraordinary Jesus is down to earth. It touches you where you live while challenging you to the adventure of a lifetime.

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