"Dave Holland offers us “keen insights” into the life of Jesus and the unique ways that his leadership and influence set him apart in his book, “Every Day Jesus.”  They are nuggets of gold, mined to allow all of us to immediately insert into our current journey. 
I’m always looking for those helpful viewpoints that propel me into an advantage in life.  Dave provides that rigorous investigation into the “why” Jesus did what he did.  You’ll experience a fresh touch of God’s grace and presence as you read this book."
Glenn Burris, Jr, former President, The Foursquare Church

"This is an excellent daily devotion that will teach you about Luke and his writings about Jesus. I never knew Luke was a slave, did you? He was a Gentile like us, not a Jew. As a physician, he researched everything to ensure that Jesus's life, death, and resurrection were valid and true. If you want to learn while doing a daily devotion, this book is for you."
Susan Neal,  Author and Entrepreneur 

"I loved this devotional mixed with God's Word alongside Mr. Holland's captivating real-life experiences. Reading this book often gave me the feeling I was walking alongside Luke. The beauty of this book is that you can read it over-and-over with the same fervent excitement. Don't hesitate. Buy this devotional and see what the Lord Jesus has waiting for you!" L.C. Fowler, Business Leader and Entrepreneur

"I have so enjoyed this devotional. Every day a short passage from the Gospel of Luke is presented, with insights and personal illustrations from the author. Many times Mr. Holland draws out little known nuggets from the Scripture or presents a perspective that I hadn’t considered before. Each day’s offering ends with a short but heartfelt prayer asking the Lord to make what I just read realized in my life. I have loved this close-up look into the Gospel of Luke and I look forward to continuing with Everyday Jesus as each new book is released."
Pastor Toni Vano

"I couldn’t wait each morning to do my devotions using this book. I purchased the author’s next book, Extraordinary Jesus and it has not disappointed! I came on looking to see if there is another book published to come after Extraordinary Jesus. I pray it is about to come out soon!"
Jo Beck

"In "Extraordinary Jesus," Pastor Dave Holland candidly and at the expense of himself takes us on a 40-day journey through the Gospel of Luke, Chapters 5 - 9. On this journey, we come to know Jesus more intimately through his teachings, miracles, and examples en route to the cross. More than a short devotion, each day is a study of up to 1000 words: scripture, interpretation, and prayer (for application). A self-declared evangelical preacher for 38 years, "Extraordinary Jesus" is the second in a Bible series study he is writing from the Gospel of Luke. I can't wait for the next one! God bless you,
Pastor Dave" Rich Adams, Retired Military Officer

"I’m usually not drawn to devotional books finding them to be dry or impractical. However, David Holland’s ‘Extraordinary Jesus’ is a delightful surprise. I love how he brings scripture out applying it to everyday life. I especially appreciate the transparency of his own struggles as he shows us the multifaceted love of our God."
Rita Ouellette